UAE Launches New Smart Government App Store

1 April 2014 | Author: Vicky Benn

The UAE government has launched a new smart government app store that is available through iOS and Android platforms.

The store has over 100 apps that have been developed by local and federal agencies to provide a service to around 700 customers within their location. Under the UAE’s current digital strategy, 1, 000 government services will go smart between now and 2017.

The government has strongly backed the reliability, security and maintenance of government transactions’ data for individuals and businesses.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has called for increasing the number of government services apps within the store and encourages all citizens to make use of them.

"The aim is to make smart services part of the daily life for all population, and more accessible and direct. The more services are smart, the happiest people become" said Sheikh Mohammed.

According to, “the store was launched in coordination with Apple and Google to ensure the provision of better public services through the new store.” The store will also be able to absorb any future upgrades and expansions in services.  

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