Singularity University beckons for Manx entrepreneurs

22 May 2013 | Author: Kirsten Morel

Entrepreneurs in the Isle of Man are being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a place at the world renowned Singularity University in California.

Open to anyone working in the Isle of Man, the competition is called the Isle of Man Grand Challenge and as the title suggests, it involves a bit more work than your standard competition. Entrants are being asked to to take up the challenge of facilitating the development of advancing technologies and applying them to address one or more of humanity’s grand challenges.

Sponsored by and organised in conjunction with Singularity University and the Isle of Man Government's Department for Economic Development, the winners will be rewarded with a place each at Singularity University’s week-long Executive Programme in December 2013. The $25,000 total prize also includes flight and accommodation expenses.

In giving advice to entrants, Mike Halsall an alumnus of Singularity University, said: "You may already have effected change through the use of emerging technologies, or used your entrepreneurial skills to great benefit. You may also be an up and coming inspirational leader with a great vision.

"Applications are invited that may be just ideas, concepts or fully developed proposals, ranging from complex to mind-bogglingly simple. Focus your submission on the benefits to the Isle of Man as well as global humanity."

Singularity University was founded by celebrated technologist and proponent of Singularity theory, Ray Kurzweil, and Peter Diamandis, founder of the X-Prize, to leverage the power of exponential technologies to solve humanity’s Grand Challenges. It is based at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley and has been embraced by many of the world's greatest minds and world class organisations such as Google, NASA, Cisco, Nokia, Autodesk and Genentech.

"Over the last 30 years the Isle of Man has achieved economic success by Government building close relations with business leaders both locally and internationally to anticipate the future, to find relevant opportunities and then to work together to maximise those opportunities for the good of our whole community," said John Shimmin MHK, Minister for Economic Development.

"As a result we are now a highly-respected international business centre and enjoy a high quality of life. We cannot rest on our laurels; we must now look to how we plan for future success for the next generation. I believe our Grand Challenge can greatly assist our efforts. This is an amazing opportunity for two local individuals to meet some of the greatest visionaries in the world and bring back what they learn to the Island. I look forward to hearing their insights."


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