JT's lab facility goes global

30 July 2013 | Author: Rose Bratch

Some of the biggest technology firms in the world – including household names like Apple, Google and Intel - have been in talks with JT about using its JT Lab facility to test their products and services in Jersey. 

Firms including Apple, Google, Intel and other smaller innovative US based businesses have entered into discussions about using JT Lab to test their new products on the Island’s fibre-optic network.

Jersey is ahead of most countries in terms of homes connected to a fibre-optic network, and the network is expected to reach every Island home by the end of 2016 through the Gigabit Jersey project.

JT created JT Lab as a test bed for technology firms who want to try out their new software, hardware and apps on a ‘future-proofed’ live network before launching them into the marketplace. 

According to JT, the Gigabit Jersey project allows faster broadband speeds, quicker downloads and uploads and more reliable connections for Islanders, as well as enabling JT representatives to talk to technology companies based in Silicon Valley. 

‘The opportunity offered by JT Lab is an exciting one, and industry leaders in the biggest tech firms in the world are recognising it; as such, JT Lab is opening doors and putting the Jersey on the map,’ said Mark Stuchfield, JT Lab Business Development Manager. ‘There could be some very big names, and big ideas, getting involved in JT Lab in the coming months and years.’

There are two firms currently using JT Lab, but the company is bound by non-disclosure agreements with them until their trials end. In the past, JT Lab has already been used by China-based internet TV company UTStarcom, and an Israel-based application delivery and security company.

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