Jersey's eSports community gets a helping hand from Sure

14 September 2016 | Author: Kirsten Morel

eSports is one of the world’s fastest growing pastimes attracting hundreds of millions of online viewers who watch the world’s best gamers go head-to-head in tournaments throughout the world.

Mindful of the fact that eSports relies on high quality, unlimited broadband connectivity, Sure in Jersey has teamed up with to sponsor a tournament being held in November at the Digital Jersey Hub.

“eSports is an enormously fast growing form of entertainment that is projected to generate half a billion dollars in global revenue within the next year or so,” said Louise Burrows, Head of Marketing at Sure.

“ is building a community of competitive gamers in Jersey and Sure is pleased to be able to help them hold a tournament in November. eSports is dependent on excellent connectivity and through Sure, can enjoy unlimited broadband, which means they don’t have to worry about how often or for how long they play online.” has set up a gaming centre in St Helier that provides space for up to ten players to meet and play games such as DOTA 2, Hearthstone, World of Tanks and League of Legends. They are also organising tournaments at venues across the island and broadcast some of their games on the Net.

“We’re a young organisation but are growing fast and our November tournament will play an important role in making Jersey’s gamers more aware of the facilities and competition that we provide,” said Ian Carr, co-founder of

Fellow co-founder, Ed Peck said that “Sure’s sponsorship is key to ensuring that the tournament will be successful and will play an important role in helping us to raise the profile of eSports in the island.”

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