Jersey software developer speaks at leading Australian conference

3 December 2014 | Author: Kirsten Morel
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Jersey software developer Simon Brown is in Australia this month to attend a number of speaking engagements in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney as a part of the annual YOW! conference for software developers.

YOW! aims to bring international software experts to Australia and also showcase the best in local talent. Its focus is on providing software developers with the latest information on new technologies, practices and methods from a wide range of current topics.

Speakers are chosen by an international Program Committee and up to 40 world class experts are selected each year. YOW! then brings them to Australia for 2 weeks for the YOW! Conferences and Workshops.

Having been invited as one of this year's guest speakers, Simon will speak about lightweight, pragmatic software architecture, focussing on how to create agile software systems using agile approaches, along with advice on how to adopt the practices needed to support this.

Simon is a regular speaker at conferences, meetups and organisations around the world, having addressed audiences across Europe, the United States, United Arab Emirates and China. In 2013, he won the IEEE Software sponsored SATURN 2013 "Architecture in Practice" Presentation Award for his presentation in the United States about the conflict between agile and architecture.

Simon's portfolio of work related to software architecture includes a book entitled "Software Architecture for Developers" that is available in English and Chinese, plus in-person workshops and an online video training course recently published through Parleys.

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