Calligo and Manx Telecom announce cloud partnership

20 November 2014 | Author: Kirsten Morel
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Offshore cloud service provider, Calligo and Isle of Man based Manx Telecom, have announced that they are partnering to provide pan-jurisdictional cloud services supporting the growing demand from developing markets such as offshore cryptocurrencies.

“It was critically important for us that we partnered with an organisation that shared our commitment to security and operational excellence," said Andrew Wicks, Chief Commercial Officer at Calligo. "Both organisations have world class in-house skills for cloud deployments, making the integration of our two clouds simple, straightforward and elegant. This partnership extends the reach of our offshore cloud, which can only be of benefit to existing and future clients”.

From the clients' perspective, the concept of a pan-jurisdictional cloud is attractive.

“Since using the Manx Telecom’s hosting and cloud services this year we have been really impressed with the level of service and the quality of the platform," said Nicholas Grove, Head of Innovation and Strategic Development at Assured Communications, an existing Manx Telecom client.

“We are now really keen to use the pan island services that Manx Telecom and Calligo have created through their partnership and subsequent cloud integration. We view this as a really strategic development for our offshore jurisdiction strategy and something that is way ahead of the other providers”

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