Asia's newest university launches online

4 January 2013 | Author: Kirsten Morel

Malaysia-based GlobalNxt University has officially launched today as Asia's newest university and is accepting student registrations via its portal,

In a year that has seen an unprecedented interest in online education, GlobalNxt University aims to offer students a rigorous curriculum, backed by an interactive pedagogical platform that has been in development for over a decade.

GlobalNxt University claims to be an innovative, technology-enabled institution that was formed to equip and update learners with the rapidly changing skill sets required in the modern, global economy.

"In tandem with practices of an increasingly borderless world, GlobalNxt is set up like a global enterprise which combines all the traditional benefits of professor-led classroom learning with a contemporary flexible, anytime, anywhere learning model," said Dr. Noraini Ismail, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, GlobalNxt University.

"Our aim is to offer learners the same academic rigour found in the best traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, but our educational mission is also to raise the benchmark for online education to a new level than what is currently available. Students will benefit significantly from a strong emphasis on interactive pedagogy, advanced learning technology and a high calibre, PhD-qualified global faculty."

According to the University, its objective is to engage students in a highly interactive and individualised learning experience and in addition to the courses offered, GlobalNxt University has flexible award programmes designed for students to balance their studies with work, family or other commitments. 

Plans are also in the pipeline to offer a range of undergraduate programmes and graduate research programmes, as well as establish new schools in education, media and health sciences over the next three years.

GlobalNxt University has been established upon the invitation of the Malaysian Government, following the success of Singapore -based U21Global, one of the first global online graduate schools. Founded in 2001, U21Global began as an academic partnership that originally involved up to 21 universities and since its foundation, has succeeded in enrolling over 9,000 students across 72 countries. It is hoped that GlobalNxt University will take U21Global’s original vision of global, borderless education to the next level. 

At launch, GlobalNxt University offers the following courses:

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    Very good! That's the future of learning and gives all People on the globe the equal opportunity for learning.

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