Altius' UK General Election Twitter Tracker Perfect for Election Day

6 May 2015 | Author: Kirsten Morel

With the UK General Election upon us, the team at Altius has provided an alternative to Peter Snow's Swingometer for tracking the UK General Election. The Altius team has been busy analysing social media and as a result, has produced a real-time online UK General Election Twitter Tracker showing voting intentions.

The Tracker works by using big data machine learning techniques and cloud technologies to perform sentiment-based analysis on tweets by the UK general public in almost real time, with the information presented through an online portal.

Whilst, due to Twitter demographics, the Tracker is unlikely to be strictly representative of the eventual outcome of General Election, the tracker does demonstrate the online feeling being expressed towards the individual political parties in different parts of the UK at different points in time.

“It was a challenging task to develop a system to analyse Twitter in near-real-time, but the Microsoft Azure tools, especially Azure Machine Learning, made it possible to build a very advanced system quickly. I’m very proud of the result,” said Charles Robertson of Altius Channel Islands.

"Firstly congratulations to the Altius CI project team members for their contribution in producing a really innovative piece of work. It’s an extraordinary achievement demonstrating the collective capability across the whole company," said John Gamble of Altius Channel Islands. "Secondly, I think the Twitter Tracker demonstrates a number of important points that are relevant today. It shows the type of data analysis that is possible by using big data technologies such as machine learning; it demonstrates the importance of presentation and visualisation in gaining insight from data and providing a coherent easy-to-use interface and it highlights that these technologies have the potential to generate insights on many sources of data, both within and outside of organisations, which will create genuine business advantages. I’m delighted the Channel Islands team has been part of it.”

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